Do you live in an unincorporated area of Aurora Township? Not sure if you need a permit from the Aurora Township Highway Department for your project? Please contact the Aurora Township Highway Department prior to any work beginning in the right-of-way.

In general, any work that touches the right-of-way (typically the road and the first 10-15 feet from the edge of the road) will require a permit from the Highway Department.

The permitting process allows the Highway Department to ensure that your project is completed to accepted standards while not impacting important community functions like stormwater drainage and sightlines.

Please be aware that it is against the law to build or install or place any structure (fence, garden, elaborate mailbox, parking pad, parking logs, etc) in the right-of-way. Residents who install or place illegal structures will have to remove the structures at their expense. Residents who fail to remove the structures after notification may be subject to fines and liens against their property for expenses related to removal of illegal structures.

The Aurora Township Highway Department does not provide a permit for new structures (homes, garages, sheds, etc) or additions (decks, fences, swimming pools, fire pits, etc) on private property. Residents will need to contact the Kane County Building and Zoning Division at (630) 232-3400 for the County’s permitting procedure.